darkchild2005 (darkchild2005) wrote,

be'in bad

Would it be irresponsible to avoid the doctor until I find a new one in LA? I'm supposed to go back and have some repeat labs and hopefully find my cholesterol and lipids have gone down. I'm good, I really am. But, uh, there've been a number of expense account meals lately...

I really think it isn't my fault. I was reading that whole milk is the number one source of saturated fat in children's diets. Apparently it's like feeding them a cheeseburger every day. Now, think back, they didn't have skim milk when I was in school. You either had whole white, or whole chocolate. I had milk for breakfast lunch and dinner. What's that? Like 3 or 4 cheeseburgers a day? I have been manipulated by the milk mafia (you know, like the people who said smoking was safe) and now I am paying the price! I suffer doctor abuse because of the mistakes of my forefathers!

Uh, maybe I should see the doctor.
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I drink whole milk exclusively and have for decades and my cholesterol is fine. Go get your checked though. There are other factors involved, like genetics and diet.
That's true, it's not just diet, genetics can play a role. I was kinda being lighthearted about the milk mafia, but maybe I'm not so wrong. We know animal fat can be a factor in heart disease and cancer. I think you are lucky you don't have a problem with cholesterol, that's not the case with so many of us. Clearly they shoved milk down our throats until we were addicted, lol. Now so many people have to take cholestoral medications. Not much you can do about genetics but if you replace whole with skim kids might be off to a better start. It's too late for me, I've got a bad habit and don't get me started about cheese. Man, I'd kill for a little piece of cheese right now! Well, die young, leave a pretty corpse.