darkchild2005 (darkchild2005) wrote,

Being Away

This is the first Sept. 11 I haven't spent in NYC since it happened 5 years ago. It wasn't my choice and I didn't realize I'd have any feelings about the fact one way or another. But I do.
My love of NY is pretty plain to everyone I know. I got to experience the surreal day that was was Sept. 11 up close and personal. 5 years has past and some things about it are still very clear. Some things have changed with the passage of time.
I'm not sure exactly what has changed since then. I keep hearing about the fear, about how flying is different. I feel like this is drama brought on by the media (you know the "left") and religous groups (you know, the "right). What changed? New Yorkers were closer than anyone and we stood strong. How many of us left after that? Do we know? And flying? Well, flying was going downhill for years before 9-11. What does taking off shoes and checking liquids really add to the equation? I miss being in NYC today and I don't know why.
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