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True Like That

In My MIx

10/7/08 09:12 am - Uh...

I just came across the bookmark for Livejournal and I'm staggered to see that it's been almost two years since I've written anything. I seem to remember deciding this would be a cheap form of therapy. Now I'm trying to remember what I've been doing these last couple of years :-)

10/23/06 09:08 pm - MIss Kitt

I've was in the city last weekend and saw a new show off Broadway, a musical called, get this, Mimi Le Duck. It's a horrifying piece of dreck but has Catwoman herself, Eartha Kitt. They roled her out on a wagon in the beginning and then off when her lines were done. I was afraid she was that far gone. However she later came back and actually sang and danced! It's sad to see her trapped in this show but she's quite entertaining.

I'm still at my job. I decided to hang in a while and work on my film too. I saw my first pay check and decided I could stay around a while longer :-). My partner is still working on more financing but we are sure that it will be filmed in and around NYC. I actually use my work NYC visits for my stuff too..evil?

If Laughingloudly is still reading my journal I have a question for you. We are location hunting and my partner was just in Philly with Shooters and thought we might do something there since it's so close. Are there any unique train or transit stations? We are looking for an exterior shot of one of the characters leaving a station with something unique in it or nearby, say a sculpture or unique stairway. Any ideas?

10/2/06 07:20 pm - be'in bad

Would it be irresponsible to avoid the doctor until I find a new one in LA? I'm supposed to go back and have some repeat labs and hopefully find my cholesterol and lipids have gone down. I'm good, I really am. But, uh, there've been a number of expense account meals lately...

I really think it isn't my fault. I was reading that whole milk is the number one source of saturated fat in children's diets. Apparently it's like feeding them a cheeseburger every day. Now, think back, they didn't have skim milk when I was in school. You either had whole white, or whole chocolate. I had milk for breakfast lunch and dinner. What's that? Like 3 or 4 cheeseburgers a day? I have been manipulated by the milk mafia (you know, like the people who said smoking was safe) and now I am paying the price! I suffer doctor abuse because of the mistakes of my forefathers!

Uh, maybe I should see the doctor.

9/27/06 05:46 pm - It's Official

I am now a VP for the company I work for. The company is sending some moving men to take my crap cross country in a matter of a week. I put down a deposit on an apartment (about 3 times larger than my NYC apartment and only slightly more expensive. How I deal with the trauma of leaving the city I don't know,but hey, gonna get my piece of the pie.
To all you bitches that don't bother to read my blog...I'll fill you in when I get back to the east coast.

9/12/06 10:38 pm - LA

Man this time difference is whack. I finally get used to it and then I get sent home.
Bright spot though, I been invited to some posh LA parties. Apparently Maya Angelou is going to be a guest at one literary thing they've included me in. Not sure why I'm suddenly so wanted but hey, gonna ride the wave!

9/11/06 06:18 pm - Being Away

This is the first Sept. 11 I haven't spent in NYC since it happened 5 years ago. It wasn't my choice and I didn't realize I'd have any feelings about the fact one way or another. But I do.
My love of NY is pretty plain to everyone I know. I got to experience the surreal day that was was Sept. 11 up close and personal. 5 years has past and some things about it are still very clear. Some things have changed with the passage of time.
I'm not sure exactly what has changed since then. I keep hearing about the fear, about how flying is different. I feel like this is drama brought on by the media (you know the "left") and religous groups (you know, the "right). What changed? New Yorkers were closer than anyone and we stood strong. How many of us left after that? Do we know? And flying? Well, flying was going downhill for years before 9-11. What does taking off shoes and checking liquids really add to the equation? I miss being in NYC today and I don't know why.

9/5/06 02:03 pm - And he's off

I got some really exciting, not, news today. I will be spending most of this month on the west coast. Yes, what a thrill. I find I enjoy California for a while and then I crawl the walls in anticipation of going home. I mean you can't even find a fricking drugstore within walking distance out there. Of course they do have huge grocery stores with produce that doesnt' cost you a weeks pay so there's something. Anyway, I have this idea to go freelance but it's so hard to live in NYC if money is ever an issue. I'd love leave the loving arms of my employer but I gotta do some planning.

8/23/06 08:49 am

Life Imitates Art at 'Snakes' Screening
New Samuel L Jackson film Snakes On A Plane became terrifyingly real for Arizona cinema-goers when pranksters released two live rattlesnakes into the theatre, causing widespread panic. The two young venomous diamondback rattlers were released during a screening in Phoenix on Friday. Local news reports say the snakes caused chaos among the audience and snake wranglers were called in to collect them. No one was injured during the incident and the culprits have not been caught. Officials believe the snakes were smuggled into the theatre in backpacks. According to Phoenix Herpetological Society spokesman Daniel Marchand, "All they've got to do is startle this thing. It's dark. They can't see you that well. If it's scared - boom - it strikes!" The snakes were eventually captured and released into the Arizona desert.

8/22/06 02:42 pm - I never danced for my father

What exactly was Miss Vandross thinkng when she wrote that song???

A friend at work asked if I'd ever met my biological father. Well, there is a tale! From my mother's diary it was pretty easy to pindown the man who fathered me and my brother. And I had met him. In fact, I had mowed his lawn when I was a kid. I didn't have the clearest memory of him, just that he had paid me money that I had immediatly turned into comic books.

After I found out I had another father I did seek him out. He was quite a bit older than Mom so when I tracked him down he was in a nursing home and quite senile. I managed to stammer out that I had mowed his lawn when I was boy but he was on another planet as far as I could tell. I looked at him and was kind of startled that he reminded me of my father. Not in color of course (though apparently he was part Greek and Italian so he wasn't white white), but in the features of his face, the nose, the lips. Finally I said goodbye and left. Insanely I started reading the obituaries (his nurse had said he had stopped eating). A couple months later I saw his name among the dead. My heart skipped a beat when I read the name and I guess I realized that I had again lost a father.

8/21/06 10:57 am - Dear Diary

One of the biggest responses I got to my last post concerned my mother leaving a diary that detailed her affair. Why would she do this? Why hadn't she told me before this? Did the man I thought was my dad know? I have no way of knowing the answer to these questions but I have some ideas.

Why would she do this? Well, people often use roundabout way to tell their secrets. It's the nature of a diary or journal. People pretend they don't want anyone to know what's written but that's just not true. If that were the case they would keep those secrets secret and not put them to paper. It's like the child who's parent reads their diary. The parent reading the diary is one reward and has the secondary bonus of knowing the parent will really understand them because (theoretically) everything in the diary is true (because it was never meant for them to read).

I won't go into what mama said about the affair or her rationale, but suffice it to say, I expect that she wanted Pop to read the diary and understand what she'd done. So I'm guessing he knew. Why didn't she tell me once I was grown? I think maybe that was too hard. I expect she knew deep down it was something I should eventually know and the diary would take care of that. Again, it would be her private thoughts and perhaps I'd understand better than if she'd told me herself. I'll never know the answers to these questions and it ceases to matter. Mama is gone, Pop if gone. They made the choices they made and I can't turn that into my own personal drama. I do worry about my younger brother sometimes though. We only talk through TDD most of the time. I'd often like to see his face and get a better idea what he's thinking and feeling.

Anyhow, Livejournal kind of proves my point about diaries. Just think, I put my "private" thoughts online for an untold number to read! It's the ultimate diary and maybe a little more honest than the diaries and journals people keep and "hide" from others. If anything, my family experiences make me believe you can't hide much from the world. The truth always comes out so best you be the one to tell it in the first place!
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