darkchild2005 (darkchild2005) wrote,

MIss Kitt

I've was in the city last weekend and saw a new show off Broadway, a musical called, get this, Mimi Le Duck. It's a horrifying piece of dreck but has Catwoman herself, Eartha Kitt. They roled her out on a wagon in the beginning and then off when her lines were done. I was afraid she was that far gone. However she later came back and actually sang and danced! It's sad to see her trapped in this show but she's quite entertaining.

I'm still at my job. I decided to hang in a while and work on my film too. I saw my first pay check and decided I could stay around a while longer :-). My partner is still working on more financing but we are sure that it will be filmed in and around NYC. I actually use my work NYC visits for my stuff too..evil?

If Laughingloudly is still reading my journal I have a question for you. We are location hunting and my partner was just in Philly with Shooters and thought we might do something there since it's so close. Are there any unique train or transit stations? We are looking for an exterior shot of one of the characters leaving a station with something unique in it or nearby, say a sculpture or unique stairway. Any ideas?
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