darkchild2005 (darkchild2005) wrote,

be'in bad

Would it be irresponsible to avoid the doctor until I find a new one in LA? I'm supposed to go back and have some repeat labs and hopefully find my cholesterol and lipids have gone down. I'm good, I really am. But, uh, there've been a number of expense account meals lately...

I really think it isn't my fault. I was reading that whole milk is the number one source of saturated fat in children's diets. Apparently it's like feeding them a cheeseburger every day. Now, think back, they didn't have skim milk when I was in school. You either had whole white, or whole chocolate. I had milk for breakfast lunch and dinner. What's that? Like 3 or 4 cheeseburgers a day? I have been manipulated by the milk mafia (you know, like the people who said smoking was safe) and now I am paying the price! I suffer doctor abuse because of the mistakes of my forefathers!

Uh, maybe I should see the doctor.
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